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Are you a Vegetarian? If yes, I would say that is your belief. But in reality, you are not. No Offense, please!

Let’s say you are vegetarian because your religion says so or your choice of food. I repeat your choice. Did you ever give a thought, Is this choice yours anymore or not? Read more.

Kindness exists in all living organisms. We all often feel an urge within ourselves to help others. But the most important part is, on whom we should shower this kindness. Most of us heard this:

Those who can’t help themselves, even God doesn’t help them”.

Beggars are also a part of our society, I agree. According to situations in Indian society, I think that they are not beggars because they are born in that conditions but because they choose to be beggars. To them, begging seems the easiest task to do rather than working hard. Read more.

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